Property Collectives

An alternative route to property ownership

What we do

Citizen-led Joint Venture Developments

Property Collectives is a collaborative development model that brings people together to develop inner-city townhouse projects at cost. By working as a collective and increasing group buying power we provide a more affordable alternative for people to own great homes in great locations.

Our Aim

We want to make architecturally designed homes more affordable. Our aim is to create buildings with architectural and environmental integrity that we can all be proud of. To create projects that generate real financial and social capital for all members of the collective. To achieve this we seek people who want to invest in quality design and are committed to openness and collaboration.

Join the next Property Collectives project

Property Collectives’ citizen-led development model brings people together to develop their future homes at cost. The projects are similar to German Baugruppen or “self-build” projects which allow future owners to assume the role of the developer. Our participatory approach allows members of each collective to stay in control of the design & build of their homes and buy in locations that they otherwise might not be able to afford. We are looking for like-minded people who want to join upcoming joint ventures in the inner suburbs of Melbourne.


Home Buyers

We give home owners a more affordable way to take control over the location, design and quality of your next home.


For investors who are interested in development, Property Collectives provides a less capital intensive way to access projects in prime locations.



For developers and architects looking for an alternative way to realise their development goals, we provide development management services and access to the Property Collectives model.

Land Owners

If you are a land owner looking to unlock the potential of your property, Property Collectives can assist you to design, manage, build and fund the project.


Join the Next Collective

If joining in our next Joint Venture is something you are interested in learning more about, get in touch.

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