The Gardiner Street Collective: North Melbourne 8 townhouse project launches

2016 August 3
by Tim Riley

I’m very excited to announce the launch of our fifth townhouse joint venture with the purchase in May of 6-10 Gardiner Street North Melbourne.

Our newest collective purchased the 425m2 site off-market with an 18 month settlement period. Our plan is to build eight four level 3-bedroom townhouses on the property.

The site is three blocks from the Vic Market and bounded on the south by Gardiner Street, on the west by St Andrews St and on the east by Warwick St. The great access means we will pursue a scheme with on grade car parking and the 14m height limit means that, similar to our Ireland St project, the townhouses will all be on compact circa 50 sqm lots over four levels with 3 beds, 2 baths, 1 car park and a roof deck.

While this project already has its full complement of partners, if you are interested in finding out about upcoming projects please feel free to get in touch.

IMG_8067_Gardiner St

IMG_8065_Gardiner St

IMG_8066_Gardiner St

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