From Berlin to Melbourne: Residents Shaping their Cities – Assemble Papers

2016 October 25
by Tim Riley

Our friends at Assemble Papers recently launched their sixth print issue, Future Local.

This issue includes a great piece by urban designer & planner Katherine Sundermann. Katherine looks at the Nightingale and Property Collectives development models, the benefits that alternative development models can deliver to residents and the wider community and the parallels to Germany’s baugruppen.

At some point I’d like to spend some time looking at why it is Melbourne, and in particularly why the inner north of Melbourne, that has been the fertile ground for the emergence of these alternative forms of development. I’d include WestWyck and Urban Coop in this list as well. There must be something about Melbourne’s culture, its property market and its water that makes it the nation’s capital for deliberative development. A great research piece for a keen undergrad or post-grad student…!

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