North Melbourne Collective: advertised design

North Melbourne Collective: advertised design

We recently concluded advertising for our 8 townhouse project in Gardiner St North Melbourne. The orientation and access to the site allowed us to design an efficient scheme featuring townhouses of approximately 135 sqm of gross floor area over 4 storeys and sizable roof decks.



In keeping with the heritage nature of the area (and a bit of a current personal obsession with brickwork patterning), we decided to introduce a banded brickwork pattern around the lower two storeys of the building.

To maximise the amenity of the 425 sqm site we have decreased the site coverage of the current warehouse to allow us to incorporate rear courtyards into all the units. We did this to ensure that all four floors have good access to light. To improve the amenity of the ground floor we consolidated the 8 rear courtyards into two grouped areas. We will also soften these areas through the use of planter boxes and plantings. External spiral staircases to access the roof decks made of perforated metal were also chosen to allow as much light in as possible.

Excitingly we are exploring the possibility of using cross laminated timbers (CLT) for part of the structure.

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