Resilient Melbourne: Innovative Housing Model Tour

Resilient Melbourne: Innovative Housing Model Tour

On January 23rd we were delighted to host the Resilient Communities project team as part of their tour of different Melbourne participatory development projects which included Nightingale 1, WestWyck Ecovillage, Murundaka and our St Georges Rd and Clarke Street projects in Northcote.

As part of the wider Resilient Melbourne initiative and in conjunction with the 100 Resilient Cities network, the Resilient Communities in Residential and Mixed-use Developments (Resilient Communities) project, is designed to bring together developers and communities to collaborate on the decisions that shape their neighbourhoods.

It aims to respond to the question: How do we create and sustain buildings, infrastructure and neighbourhoods that build resilience by genuinely reflecting the needs, values and aspirations of the communities using or occupying these spaces?

Five multi-disciplinary teams will work with Resilient Melbourne to test new and existing approaches to participatory development. Teams include property developers, local government, not-for-profit organisations, academics and communities.

Teams will work together to empower citizens to engage in decision making, supporting the development of strong community networks where residents have pride in place and a shared sense of ownership and responsibility.

It’s a great initiative that is worth following. You can get the latest updates on the project here