“I decided to be part of a property collective because I wanted to have some exposure to residential property amongst my investments.  I liked the diversification benefits and communal knowledge, work share and motivation a property collective offered. Instead of buying one property of my own, through a property collective I could have a 25% stake in 4 properties, spreading my risks.

Group investing has worked well for me as I like to bounce ideas off other people. I hadn’t invested in property before so I was able to learn from other’s experience in the group as well as contribute based using my other investment skills.  Setting up the group with formal legal agreement the we all agreed on gave us a solid foundation.  The motivation that we provided each other and the team spirit evolved so that the team as a whole was better than the sum of its parts.” Craig R, Middle Park, VIC – Stockbroker

“My experiences of investing with friends has been mutually beneficial, collaborative and successful. Initially I invested with friends as a good excuse to spend more time together while tinkering with various investments. This has grown into a structured and sustainable investment strategy facilitated by Property Collectives and underpinned by our friendship bond. Property Collectives provided the framework and analytical tools to increase our probability of success while providing complete transparency to all stakeholders.” Cory J, Kew, VIC – Category Manager

“The idea to invest with friends was born from a desire to enter the property market at a time in my life when I didn’t want to over commit myself financially. Property Collectives provided me with the information my friends and I needed to make a secure investment today, while providing advice that ensured we keep making smart decisions into the future.” Adam H, Fitzroy North, VIC – Communications Consultant

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