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If co-investing appeals to you it is hard to work out the best way to make it happen. Property Collectives helps groups of friends and family develop and invest in property together in a number of ways…

  • Joint venture property development projects -  Join one of our projects, learn the process and own a new townhouse at project completion. We offer a unique way to make developer profits if you have limited equity, time or experience in developing..
  • Joint venture property development agreement - If you want to develop with friends, leverage a unique and proven structure for small the medium sized developments. Benefit from significant stamp duty savings and a low risk and attractive structure for lenders.
  • Investment syndicate participation agreement – If you want to invest with friends leverage a unique and proven structure for group investing into established property. Maximise individual and group tax benefits as well as individual and group borrowing capacity.

Joint venture property development projects & agreement

Be a part of our Next Collective

Want to participate in a 4-8 townhouse development project in the inner suburbs of Melbourne?

We recently completed a 4 townhouse project in Northcote and have just commenced a 7 townhouse project in Northcote.

We are now looking for partners for our next project. Our vision is to create a development with architectural and environmental integrity that creates real financial and social capital for all members of the collective.

Need assistance getting your own development project started?

We also offer friends & family groups who want to do a joint venture property development projects advice, contacts and access to a joint venture structure that:

  • allows partners to make significant stamp duty savings
  • allows partners with limited amounts of equity the opportunity to buy property at “wholesale” prices and make developer profits
  • is a low risk and attractive structure for lenders to finance
  • doesn’t require any pre-sales contracts

We can provide advice on all stages of the property development process:

  • Legal structure establishment
  • Feasibility, project administration & capital raising
  • Purchase finance for land acquisition
  • Town planning approval – sketch design and design development
  • Working drawings and Building permit approval
  • Tender process and building contract negotiations
  • Construction finance
  • Construction and contract administration
  • Take out finance

Contact us to find out about our next project or how we can help you with your development.

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Investment syndicate participation agreement

If you are considering investing into established property with friends or family there are a multitude of things you need to consider in setting up a syndicate…

  • How will the finance work?
  • How much money will each of us need?
  • When will we need it?
  • What type of properties will we target?
  • How many properties could we buy?
  • What sort of legal agreement will we need?
  • What legal structure will protect the investments, the syndicate and us individually?
  • What entity will be the most beneficial for the syndicate and for all of us individually from a tax perspective?
  • Who is going to do what?
  • What do we need to do first?

Property Collectives will set up your syndicate – saving you time and money

Finding all the answers to these questions could take you anywhere from 3 to 12+ months depending on how much knowledge and time you have.

To help you answer all the questions above, and more, Property Collectives facilitates and co-ordinates the entire end-to-end process of establishing your residential property syndicate for you and your friends.

Over a period of 6 to 8 weeks we can work closely together with your group to refine your specific objectives and define the individual requirements of your property collective. At the end of the process you will have a:

  1. Finance strategy
  2. Property strategy
  3. Working legal agreement that protects you individually, optimises your tax benefits and borrowing capacity
  4. Social risk management plan
  5. Business risk management plan
  6. Step by step action plan to begin securing your property collective’s first asset

Contact us to find out how we can help you establish your own property syndicate.


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