Why us

1. A unique model that gives you financial flexibility

The most unique feature of a Property Collectives syndicate is that we position your finance strategy (your money strategy) as the central pillar in the design of the structure.

This is because we believe that when it comes to property, you are not actually in the business of property, what you really are in, is the business of finance.

Property selection is obviously very important, but ultimately it is your ability to use finance to acquire a property, potentially add value to it, and hold it over the long term that will determine your level of success.

Recognising this, when designing the Property Collectives syndicate, we spent over a year speaking to leading property finance, tax and legal experts to arrive at the best structure possible. We worked hard to make sure it would allow for:

  • flexible financing options
  • robust asset protection
  • legal protection for individuals
  • accessibility to personal tax benefits

What we ended up with is a structure that is flexible enough for members to achieve the shared goals of the collective, but also allow them the freedom to achieve their personal goals outside of the collective.

The reality is that forming a property collective is a medium to long term venture, and no one really knows what is going to happen in the future. Things can change.

To this end everything about the Property Collectives syndicate model has been designed around the guiding principles of financial flexibility and individual protection.

Flexibility is not something you can necessarily enjoy if you co-purchase property in other legal structures eg. as a joint tenant or tenant in common.

Purchasing a property simply as tenants in common or as joint tenants does not typically offer flexibility from a finance perspective for the individuals involved. Particularly if it involves a group finance solution where parties become jointly and severally liable for the full amount of the mortgage.

2. An innovative and proven model

The elements of our model are not unique, the way we have arranged them in a legal structure is.  We have been using this model since the creation of our own property collective since 2006.

3. The only group in Australia offering this service

Property Collectives is to the best of our knowledge the only group in Australia that offers this type of service.

4. Unbiased advice

We don’t sell properties. We don’t do finance or conveyancing.  Our advice and the syndicate model we’ve designed is based purely on the balance of the interests of the individual members of the syndicate.

We recognise that investing with others it is not going to suit everyone. However, if you are interested in trying something different, then finding out more about how a property collective can work for you could be well worth the time…

For more information on the steps involved in setting up your own property collective, and how we can help, please complete the form below and we will send you a copy of our Info Pack

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