Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation - Affordable Housing Challenge Grant for 81 High Street Preston

Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation - Affordable Housing Challenge Grant for 81 High Street Preston

We are pleased to announce that Northern Community CareWorks in partnership with Property Collectives Advisory has received an Affordable Housing Challenge 2020 grant from the Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation (LMCF).

The grant allows us to conduct a feasibility study on 81-91 High St Preston looking at the options to deliver a 100% affordable housing project of circa 80 apartments on a leasehold land basis.

Our challenge is to arrive at a sustainable model to deliver as much very low and low income housing possible, while providing enough residual income for Northern Community CareWorks to underpin their critical community focused social mission activities. These activities are targeted to provide relief and assistance to people in need, focusing on at risk and/or disdvantaged members of the community.

The initial vision we are exploring includes:

  • around 80 apartments comprising a broad range from studio apartments through to large family or cluster apartments for complex living arrangements
  • on site housing for pastoral care support
  • a guest house with priority for visiots or guests and flexibility for commercial use
  • a flexible congregation space which can also provide for community events and support current food relief and community meals programs
  • a “neighbourhood resilience hub” to provide safe, thermally comfortable refuge during extreme weather events
  • a modern opportunity shop including furniture repair workshop and value-add recycled products
  • a community workshop and makerspace
  • a commercial kitchen for broader community or small business with potential to support a social enterprise cafe

We hope the grant will enable not only an exemplar affordable housing project on the site, but also enable a scalable and replicable solution to delivering affordable housing on Churches of Christ land holdings.

Thanks in particular to Erin Dolan from LMCF, David Toscano from Northern Community CareWorks, Andy Fergus and Katherine Sundermann for making this project happen.

Community meals hosted at Northern Community CareWorks