Property Collectives Impact

We have created a real estate impact investment platform for citzen-led collaborative housing projects in Australia. The platform seeks to provide collective members with more accessible at cost pathways to long term ownership and rental outcomes.

The Platform

The objective of this exclusive capital partnership (between Property Collectives Australia and Evelyn Lane Capital) is to provide collective members with an increased and more diverse choice of projects and homes across a broader range of markets.

The platform focuses on the allocation of opportunistic high-risk equity capital to create more at cost pathways to ownership and rental. Equity investments are based on in-depth analysis of market dynamics, commercial structures and financial analysis.

More Inclusive & Impactful

Since 2010 we have been striving to improve our original development model and make it more accessible and inclusive for a broader range of people.

Property Collectives Impact is a key pillar in our goal of making the economic, social and environmental benefits of deliberative development models more inclusive and more impactful


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