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Interested in finding out more about our upcoming projects?

In terms of new projects we have 3 projects in the acquisition phase and are have spots available for more people to join:

  1. a Northside Collective – an inner north collective looking at buying a site in Yarra, Moreland or Darebin
  2. an Eastside Collective – an eastern suburbs collective focused on Stonnington or Boorondara
  3. the Bellfield Baugrauppe – a cohousing project in Banyule

It’s important to note that for our typical projects:

  • participants need to be able to contribute around $200k-$400k in capital over the ~3.5 years of a project plus the ability to service a $400k to $800k mortgage at completion.
  • most banks will require all participants to be jointly and severally liable for the construction debt, although in recent years we have found some lenders who offer several liability.

It’s also important to note that for all our projects:

  • we ask all interested participants to complete a Finance Assessment to ensure everyone in the Collective can financially support their interest in the project.

To find out more about the Next Collective, including the locations we will be targeting, forecast timing, the financial parameters and more detailed information on how our joint ventures are structured and managed, make sure you read our FAQs and then either:

  1. Complete the Get in Touch form below and we will send you a copy of our The Next Collective information pack, or
  2. Complete our Survey which helps us understand more about your preferences on location and specific requirements and we will be in touch Рclick here to start