Peter Grouios

Peter Grouios

Development Management
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I began my career as a graduate with ASX-listed developer Mirvac following a business degree in accounting and finance, after quickly coming to the realisation that the tangible aspects of development were far more appealing than a career in tax accounting or audit.

Over my 6 years at Mirvac I was fortunate enough to work with a diverse group of talented people on a range of projects spanning land subdivisions, townhouses and apartments. Part and parcel of being a Development Manager on such large-scale projects was the ability to navigate complex issues and complex stakeholder relationships, whilst acting with strong operational professionalism that is demanded in the corporate environment.

Over this time I saw a radical shift in the development industry and it became increasingly apparent that being a ‘new-to-market’ project would no longer cut the mustard. The viability of a project was now being driven by the human experience and developers were re-defining their approach so that it could be elevated from what the typical end-user would expect – whether it be a resident in a new community, a commercial tenant or a customer at a shopping centre.

This underpins a belief that architecture is about more than design. Yes, innovative design and authentic materials are part of the story, but even more important is the ability to design places and systems that prioritise social capital, environmental sustainability, health and wellbeing, resilience and community connectedness.

These things have historically been seen as a financial trade-off for developers but good developers now understand that this approach is not just ethical, but also central to underpinning returns (or to cut the mustard!).

Property Collectives underlines this new approach, one that is collaborative rather transactional, people centred rather than yield driven, value driven over cost driven, deliberative and fit-for-purpose rather than speculative.

I have experience in all phases of the development cycle, but my ability to add value is most apparent during project inception where I’m able to help establish the vision and strategic direction for a project. My focus includes acquisitions, feasibilities and business cases, project strategy, market analysis, design, innovation, sales and marketing, town planning and stakeholder management.

I look forward to collaborating with new and old friends and realising together opportunities to deliver projects we can be truly proud of.


B. Business (Accounting/Banking & Finance) – Monash University
Master of Property – RMIT University


Tullamore, Doncaster – Project: 350 land lots, 300 townhouses, 300 apartments, health club
Olivine, Donnybrook – Project: 4,500 land lots, town centre, multiple schools and parks
Woodlea, Rockbank – Project: 7,000 land lots
Studley Park Road, Kew – Project: 100 independent living units
687 – 693 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne – Project: 11 x 4-storey townhouses
16 Irving Street, Malvern – Project: 3 x luxury townhouses