What to look for in a syndicate or joint venture partner

Found this piece from Harvard Business Review called "How to pick a co-founder" which resonated with me because I think the 10 principles listed are just as relevant for entrepreneurs looking for a partner for their start-up, as they are for investors looking for a partner for their joint venture or syndicate. The ten things to look for are:
  1. A complementary temperament - find someone who will fill in the gaps around your personality strengths. The trick of course is to first fully understand your own strengths. Sometimes easier said than done. The best books I've read on finding your strengths is the StrengthsFinder series by Marcus Buckingham. Brilliant.
  2. Different operational skills - find someone whose skills complement yours rather than replicate yours
  3. Similar work habits - have a shared view as to how much you will work to achieve your goals
  4. Self-sufficiency - someone who functions on auto-pilot with virtually no input from you
  5. A history of working together - familiarity helps conversations move quickly and allows trustworthy cooperation
  6. Emotional buoyancy - the capacity to support each other during the highs & lows
  7. Total honesty - you and your partner must be committed to telling each other the truth all the time, even if it's tough to say or hear
  8. Comfort in his/her own skin - someone who knows themselves well and are comfortable in their own skins
  9. A personality you like - if you don't like your partner, all the other great qualities they possesses won't be enough to sustain you through the long haul
  10. The same overall vision - it is essential that your partner's main motivations for joining your venture include a passion for the project you are pursuing

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