Our Story

Starting initially from a personal desire to create our own space in the city, since 2010 our building group model has evolved beyond our network of family and friends, to now provide a platform for people who want to take more control of their housing futures.

In recent years our platform has evolved to form a co-operative Advisory service for like-minded property experts to work together on a range of projects, with a keen focus on helping people with an authentic and genuine interest in projects from a whole-of-life standpoint.

Guiding our work and our decisions about the people we choose to work with are a number of principles:

  1. We want to love and be inspired by our work and the people we work with every day.
  2. We value integrity above everything else and are transparent, collaborative and authentic in everything we do.
  3. We are driven by positive influence and better practices alongside reasonable profit.
  4. We want to spend our time and money on creating social, environmental and economic impact with and for people that share a similar world view.
  5. We believe housing ownership is critical to reducing intergenerational inequality and are passionate about finding practical solutions to the structural affordability issues facing our housing market.
  6. We believe speculation and short termisism are not the way to create great homes, buildings, streets, neighbourhoods or cities.

Meet The Team

Find out more about our people. Click the names below to read more.

Tim Richardson

Design & Construction

Tim Riley

Founder & Development Director

John Lim

Development Management

Michael Waymark

Facilities & Asset Management

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