Demolition party – the beginning of the end…

All things must come to an end.

So it is with a tinge of sadness that Dan and I visited the site of our development on Monday night with demolition just around the corner.

The tenants moved out on Sunday so it was a bit eerie and a bit sad walking through the empty rooms of this decrepit old weatherboard. You spend months and months looking at the place as lines on planning and working drawings and you think you know it, but it was only on Monday night that we really felt like we got to know the building a bit better.

In a couple of weeks she will be no more. But we are sure that what we put in her place is something that will give the families who live there in the future just as much if not more joy as those that have enjoyed living in the old house these past years.

It was great to see though that the current and previous tenants paid a fitting tribute last Friday night to the grand old Edwardian lady who fell on some hard times.

In Loving memory

Lounge room wall

Wall art 2

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