The Strettle Street Collective: Thornbury 6 townhouse development JV kicks off

Strettle St aerial

Before Christmas 2014 we formed our next collective and started looking for another townhouse development site.

While the purchase of our St Georges Rd Northcote and Clarke Street Northcote sites took around 9 months, fortunately the acquisition of this site took a little over 4 months.

For this project we will be looking to develop six double-storey townhouses of around 130 sqm of living with our 5 other partners.

Strettle St aerial

Measuring around 1430 sqm with a 20 metre frontage and 70 metre length, the most exciting thing about the site is its elevated position. Sitting close to the top of McComas Hill with a east - west orientation, the site has fantastic city views looking the south over Merri Creek.

The east-west orientation of the site also means that we can maximise northern private open space to all of the townhouses and given the generous size of the site push for ground floor living spaces.

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