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Interested in joining a joint venture property development project? We are looking for partners to be part of our next collective.

Next Collective - JV development opportunity

We are currently looking for joint venture partners for 5-8 townhouse projects in the inner suburbs of Melbourne. Our vision is to create developments with architectural and environmental integrity that deliver real financial and social capital for all members of the collective. We want to create a rewarding shared experiences and an end product that we can all be proud of. To achieve this we want partners that are committed to sharing, to openness and collaboration. From a financial perspective each partner in the next collective would require:

  • Capital or equity contribution of between $250-$325k spread over the 2.5-3 year life of the project. The exact amount will depend on the location of the site we secure and the scale of the project.
  • Ability to service a mortgage of around $550k-$650k at completion of the project – partners will need to service take out finance secured against their individual townhouse as these funds will be used to settle the construction loan.

We will be targeting a project with individual townhouse end values in the range of $900k-$1.3m. Our experience is in joint venture infill developments of between 5 and 8 units. We are currently working on over $50m worth of projects in Northcote, Thornbury, West Melbourne, North Melbourne, Brunswick and St Kilda. Our most recent completed project is a 4 townhouse  project in Northcote.

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To find out more about the Next Collective, including the locations we will be targeting, forecast timing, the financial parameters and more detailed information on how the joint venture is structured and how it will be managed, complete the Get in Touch form below to express your interest and receive a copy of our The Next Collective information pack.

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