Assemble Papers: Redesigning the Housing Market

Assemble Papers: Redesigning the Housing Market

Over the last 8 years as we’ve been busy doing our thing, I’ve slowly educated myself about many different housing models from here and abroad from people like Andrea Sharam (RMIT University), Dr Jasmine Palmer (The University of South Australia) and Katherine Sundermann (MGS Architects & Melbourne School of Design).

It’s been fascinating to learn about how housing is delivered in countries like Germany, Holland, Austria and Switzerland in particular where the environment to support non-speculative development is completely different to here.

It’s been fascinating but also been very confusing. There are so many different models and variants of these models that piecing it all together is a bit mind boggling. Not least of all because of some tongue twisting words like baugruppe and zelfbouw.

So it was great to recently see Andy Fergus (City of Melbourne Urban Designer, Melbourne Architours & Melbourne School of Design) whose deep knowledge and passion in this space is very impressive & infectious, put together this great article for Assemble Papers.

Andy does really well to explain the different models in a simple way and places Property Collectives and what we do in a local and global context. Well worth a read…