The East Side Collective – Information Session October 10th


In a follow up to our Alternative housing solutions for a missing middle - An issues focus on Stonnington & Boroondara event in May, we are pleased to announce that Property Collectives in collaboration with Figurehead are close to confirming a core collective of participants who are keen to join a future project in Melbourne's east.

In this information session we will explain exactly how citizens can work together to create better designed and built medium density housing in Stonnington & Boorondara at cost.

Building on the topics covered at our last event, this session will:

  1. delve into the specifics of how citizen-led or deliberative development works
  2. get into the detail of a case study on a typical site we would target in Melbourne's inner and middle Eastern suburbs

To join us on Thursday October 10th @ 5.30pm please book your spot via Eventbrite.

The last decade has seen a shift in the housing market. With property and construction a driving force of our country’s economy, many Australians have fallen victim to housing un-affordability, an over saturation of low quality, investor focused housing ‘product' and inappropriate 'market" driven development fueled by speculation.

This has seen the arrival of alternative development models: sustainably driven, design led and collectively minded. These models may be the alternative today, but with community support they could become the new normal as our ageing population is faced with a unique set of housing challenges as they move into retirement.

Join us to learn how it is possible for upsizers, downsizers and first home buyers to create intentional communities with other like-minded citizens, neighbours, family and friends while maintaining control over the location, design and built form outcomes of their homes.

To download a copy of the presentation from the night please click here

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