Video: Who Gets to Build in Our City & Why?

Revitalising central geelong

Last year we were invited to contribute to Designing Geelong Webinar Series by Dr Jonathan Daly, Manager Urban Design and Heritage, City of Greater Geelong.

The Designing Geelong webinar series features presentations by global and local experts. Hosted by Revitalising Central Geelong, a local and state government partnership implementing a 10-year program of revitalisation in central Geelong, the series is designed to increase understanding and awareness of how we can all contribute to the future of Geelong, regardless of our roles, ages or backgrounds.

Our topic was "Who gets to build in our city and why?".

Together with Andy Fergus, (an urbanist with a number of concurrent roles including Head of Urban Design at Assemble Communities, co-director of Melbourne Architours, Contributing Editor Architecture Australia and Advocacy Lead at Urban Design Forum), in this 1hr presentation and discussion we explored the role of equity, debt and motivation in financing, as well as the role of regulation, design and the market on the built form outcomes we see across our cities.

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