Podcast: Saltgrass – The Housing Crisis: Building Together


Saltgrass is a fortnightly radio show and podcast, created by Allie Hanly highlighting and celebrating what people are doing about the climate crisis in their own communities. The show was "born out of frustration at watching the Australian government consistently make decisions that favoured the fossil fuel industry, even as the majority of Australians said that they were worried about climate change."

Allie says "It became more and more apparent that the answer would have to come from the ground up, that is, every day people doing what they could in their region to make a change."

In Episodes 20-22 of Season 5 Allie explores how housing is a key climate issue and looks at how the housing crisis is impacting where she lives in regional Victoria.

Episode 21 looks at what deliberative development is and how co-housing and community building can be a part of our housing solutions. 

The episode features:

  1. our presentation on the Victoria Street Collective at a Resident Led Housing Workshop in Castlemaine facilitated by RMIT
  2. Jasmine Palmer's presentation on Urban Coup in Brunswick and
  3. Anneke Deutch and Mary-Feath Chenery talking about WINC Cohousing in Castlemaine

There are also interviews with Andrea Sharam and Jen Lynch from RMIT on the critical elements in making resident-led housing happen.

You can listen to the podcast on Spotify, Apple, Google Podcasts or other platforms.




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